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Introducing "Mud to Miracles" Blog Series!

(By Calvin Bliss)

Hey There!
I am here to introduce you to this new blog, Mud to Miracles. The goal of this series is to help you transform the muddy areas of your life, into miraculous ones!

Really, sometimes, as much as we try, there's just this... sort of mud around everything. It makes things stressful, repetitive, and draining.
Its super weird, because a lot of times we don't even know where this mud came from. But its here. And something is not quite right about it.

When this mud builds up in our lives, we feel like we have to fight through it all day, every day, and its really hard to even get a moment of peace, let alone enough energy to focus on growing. BUT! There is another way... A way to return to our natural state of awe, wonder, and flow.

This is not something we must learn, it is our true natural state when we are mud-free. So really, we've got to clear out this mud from our life. And when we do, everyday will be filled with miracles again!

Once the mud is gone, we have plenty of energy to share with our loved ones, with ourselves. We even have enough energy to dust off those dreams we shelved because of how exhausted we were.

And this is the goal of this new blog series, Mud to Miracles: to act as a guide to help shake off that mud, to pressure-wash it from every area of life, and to return to our true radiant nature, brimming with energy and glowing in joy!

I'm really looking forward to going on this journey together! Check back here regularly for our next unfolding chapters.

Until then, remember, life is magical, and so are YOU!

What's an example of this 'Mud' you noticed in your own life?

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