About Us

"Imagine a future where Elves evolved with current technology, what clothing would they wear?"

Elf Tech Apparel is a Poland based alternative clothing company with a mission to expand the horizons of fashion in an
elegant and sustainable way. Its conception was birthed from the desire to elevate the status of fashion from a cookie-cutter
clone assembly line to one of a majestic and self empowering statement of exquisite uniqueness. After many hours of intensive
labour, conceptualization, and experimentation, Elf Tech Apparel was born. These one of a kind accoutrements offer an extended
expression of exaltation, bearing the wearer with a reminder of the intrinsic magic within.

Founder Calvin & girlfriend Kasia

Its founder and head of design, Calvin Bliss, and partner Kasia Kamakshi aim to change the social normalization of style from
homogenized to futuristic and individual, pushing the parameters of fashion and functionality forward in a conscious way.
Elf Tech Apparel serves as a bridge from the mundane dross of the everyday world into the realms of the extraordinary and magical,
reminding oneself that Life is Magical, and so are You!

Elf Tech Apparel has partnered with One Tree Planted, an organization which plants trees in the name of purchasers of their products,
as well as intending to utilize sustainable materials in manufacturing, creating a product that is both sound and safe for the environment.
As the business grows the opportunity for implementation of new technology into the items becomes possible, such as LED wiring, and even
audio capabilities.