Look Your Best & Leave the Purse at Home

This Jacket Presents the Best ‘You’ and Has Many Pockets (Secret Ones Too).

A Radiant Coat for a Radiant You!

Its no secret that some clothes look better on you than others. Our Elf Tech jackets and vests are designed to bring out your best side with a shape that accents your figure. They have baffles and a lining that are stitched in a way that smoothes out your bodyline.

The cut curves out near the chest, in a bit at the waist, and back out near the hips to accentuate your natural feminine figure, and with a perfect length that looks stunning. You’ll feel great walking down the street wearing a jacket that tells the world you’re proud of yourself.

Our luxurious, eye catching fabrics and rich construction subtly magnify your aura of prosperity. Metallic gold or green trim around the hood, shoulders, and pockets hint at the finer side of your style.

We didn’t settle after the first prototype, second or even third for the design. In fact, we subtly refined the shape of the piece and its hood over 3 months, resulting in 10 different revisions until we had arrived at perfection.

An uncommon, magical hood design draws just enough attention for compliments and starting conversations, and reminds you of your own radiance. Special shaped sleeve cuffs and diamond stitch back design complete the look of the sophisticated, modern woman with a great sense of style. But it's not all about looks… our coats are highly functional as well.

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Ditch the Handbag!

Hit the town without a purse! Our jackets and vest have ample storage for all your daily carry needs. The Elf Tech puffer jacket has 6 pockets, while the Elf Tech puffer vest has 5. Both models have two roomy interior zippered pockets, perfect for keeping goods safe, such as a cell phone, small wallet, car keys and makeup.

The front pockets are designed for hand comfort, having one side lined with polar fleece, and no zipper for a smooth experience. They are also a great place to keep some other stuff you may be carrying.

Both the vest and the jacket have a secret zippered storage pocket at the back of the Elfie Hood tail, which makes for a great spot to keep extra cash, gym pass, or other small items you may need throughout the day.

While the Elf Tech vest is a sleeveless option for those who may be in slightly warmer areas or prefer more arm movement, the Elf Tech jacket has a 6th additional zippered pocket on the left sleeve. Its a perfect place to keep any cards you need for the day, such as a public transit pass, bank/credit card, or membership/loyalty card. Having the pocket near the wrist gives easy access to such things.

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Always FREE Shipping

We offer FREE shipping on all items in our shop. Most items arrive in about a week. Please contact us if you need it there sooner, we will do our best to help you meet your needs.

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Oh So Cozy and Warm

Most people think our jacket is pretty amazing when they see the pictures, but turn ecstatic about it when they feel the soft-as-a-cloud embrace of it. A rarity in the puffer jacket industry, our jacket and vest features a luscious, chocolate brown, super soft polar micro-fleece lining, even through the length of the sleeves.

We used the cushy, polar fleece lining on our pieces for three reasons-
1. Lined jackets definitely feel so much nicer against your skin.
2. A lining in a jacket adds 15% more insulation, so the heat stays where you need it-inside the jacket
3. Polar fleece, being a synthetic fabric, wicks away moisture and sweat, so it will keep you dry, which in turn will keep you warmer.

Not just the lining, its also the insulation in our Elf Tech products, which adds incredibly to the warmth. We use approximately 30% more insulation in the baffling than similar products on the market. This kicks the warmth factor into overdrive, keeping you super toasty and comfortable when you need it most.

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It’s Vegan! (Which Keeps You Warmer!)

Our jacket and vest are stuffed with synthetic silicone insulation fibers, instead of down. Its proven that synthetic insulation provides more warmth in wet conditions than down because it avoids bunching and clumping. So our synthetic fiber insulation choice is ethical as well as practical, designed, like everything else about our jacket and vest, to give you as much comfort as possible.

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Lock in the Warmth and Boast Your Look

Another way our jacket keeps you even warmer- it is designed to go with your unique body shape. They feature an embedded elastic cord near the bottom, with locks you can use to cinch down the circumference around your body. This ensures a more exact fit, keeping that warm air where it belongs- inside the jacket, so you stay glowing and happy, even on a cold day. The cord also gives the jacket a tailor-fit appearance, so you look tight and light, a magical force to be reckoned with.

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Handy, Space Saving Storage Bag

When not in use, you can keep your jacket or vest clean and in easy reach by putting it into the included storage bag. The handy stuff-sack style bag packs your product down its smallest size. That way, you can have your jacket or vest ready to go should the weather take an unexpected turn for the lower temperatures. The bag also protects your product from any dirt or debris when not in use.

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Built to Last

We spend a large amount of energy making sure each individual piece is built to last for many seasons. Our jacket and vest takes over a full day and a half to manufacture. That’s because we insist on the highest quality of work at every stage of production. The jacket and vest feature 3-ply polyester thread throughout, adding to the strength of the garment. Our products are triple-checked for quality, with only the best pieces being approved for sale.

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World Class Customer Service

Rest easy, knowing that your purchase includes thorough customer support. We're to help you with any questions, issues, repairs, or returns. We will make sure you are entirely satisfied with your purchase. Since we are a small company, we offer the highest level of responsiveness and customer care. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Elves Love Trees, and So Do We

When you think of Elves, you probably envision some fantasy scene in a sunlit forest. We aim to make that a reality of the future. Wherever possible, Elf Tech Apparel makes choices which benefit the planet. We have partnered with a charity in South America, and it is our commitment to plant 3 trees in the Amazon Rainforest for every jacket or vest we sell. Its a great feeling to know that along with keeping you warm and cozy, your purchase also helps our planet move towards being a healthy, green & lush paradise.

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How to Shop

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Our Story

In 2012, our founder, Calvin Bliss, was working as a ladder salesman in a big box, warehouse type store. He noticed a growing trend of puffer/bubble jackets and vests. Calvin found it a very interesting trend, but envisioned an upgraded version of the kind he saw people wearing.

The version in his mind’s eye leaned a bit towards the magical and elegant- something that made more of a statement, and caught the eye just a bit more. After several self-attempted prototypes, including a faux fur hooded version, he ditched his sewing machine, learned graphic design software, and travelled to the east to make the dream a reality.

After searching in Thailand and India for the ideal manufacturing team, Calvin finally moved to Kathmandu, Nepal for 3 months where he refined and oversaw the development of what would become the classic Elf Tech Apparel Elessar signature jacket and vest design.

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